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Muawiyah and Talbiya at Arafa

Muawiyah and Talbiya at Arafa The following is a response to Shiapen and Slave of Ahlubait’s accusation (which cane be found on his blog and Wilayat.net) against Mu’awiyah of abandoning the Sunnah. The narration used to suggest this is the following: Saeed bin Jubair said: ‘We were with ibn Abbas in Arafa and he said to me: ‘Oh Saeed, why don’t I hear the people performing talbya?’ I replied: ‘They are afraid of Muawiya’. Then ibn Abbas went out from his cottage and said: ‘I respond to your call, Oh Allah I respond to your call, they abandon the Sunnah for their hate towards Ali (ra). 1. Sunan Nasai, Volume 5 page 253 Tradition 3019 2.  Sahih Ibn Khuzaima, Volume 4 page 260 Tradition 2830 3. Mustadrak al-Hakim, Volume 1 pages 364-365 Before even refuting this allegation, those that don’t speak the Arabic language need to be aware that the term talbiya is the call that we find the pilgrims practicing during Hajj, in which they shout: Labayk Allahuma labaik, meaning: O’ my Lord, I’ve answered your call and I’m at your service. Of course, the Shias use this tradition to suggest that Mu’awiyah not only abandoned the Sunnah, but that he was against thikr as a whole. However,...

Khums – in Light of the Qur’an and the Sunnah

 Khums – in Light of the Qur’an and the Sunnah The following is an article, by our ex-Shia brother Husayn, about khums, its meaning, practical applications, and the differences of opinions between Sunnis and Shias. As a former Shi’i from a Shi’i family, I have paid Khums, as do all my family. As Shi’is, we took Khums as one of the most important and fundamental pillars of Islam. We did this without questioning. It is not often that people unquestionably give away their money. Yet, you will find Shi’is the world over blindly handing over vast sums of money in this cause. This article aims to examine the reasons for this and to determine whether or not they need to according to Islam. In this research, we have also responded to some of the claims of Sayyed Muhammad Rizvi’s in his article “Khums, An Islamic Tax”. The article can be found on Al-Islam.org.   Khums in the Qur’an The Meaning of Ghanimah in Language and in the Qur’an Top Shia Scholar Al-Tusi’s Interpretation of the Verse of Khums Sunni View Shi’a View Sayyid Rizvi’s Arguments for Khums during the Times of the Prophet Shi’ee Narrations about Khums The Original Khums Scam Modern Day Khums Scams     Khums in...

Response to: To be with the Truthful

Response to: To be with the Truthful by Sh. Uthmān Al-Khamīs Translated by Hānī Salḥab Al-Ṭarābulsī *Note: The original page referencing provided by Sh. Uthmān Al-Khamīs was kept. Though, we have added the titles of the chapters in English from Tijani’s “To be with the Truthful” for those that want to review the original text. **Those that are experiencing difficulties reading the text on mobile due to dropped symbols, please access the Full Version of the website at the very bottom of this article. Back to Exposing Tijani page   1- Muhammad al-Tijani wrote on pg.15 [To be with the Truthful / The Prophetic Sunnah in the Perspective of Ahlul-Sunnah and Shia]: Some of them add to the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) the Sunnah of all Companions, no matter who the Companions is. This is due to their narration of: “My Companions are like the stars, whoever you hold onto from among them, you are saved.” And also because of the narration: “My Companions are a safety for my nation.” Tijani in the footnote referred to Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim and Musnad Aḥmad.   I say: The above contains deception and lies. He gives the reader the illusion that both narrations are reported by Muslim and Aḥmad....

Al-Hurr al-`Amili and Tahreef

The heavyweight of the Shia, their leader and the author of one of their eight main Hadith books, al-Hurr al-`Amili is no doubt from the top Shia scholars of Hadith and has earned the utmost respect by the followers of this sect. This man comes as no surprise since he is the most outspoken of all Akhbari Twelver Shia scholars and we all know their stance regarding Allah’s book. Let’s dive right into his books and expose his deviance to the world. In his book “Ithbat-ul-Hudat”, after mentioning three reports where the Imams claim their names were present in the Qur’an before it was changed, he commented saying: أقول: هذه الأحاديث و أمثالها دالة على أن النص على الأئمة عليهم السّلام و كذا التصريح بأسمائهم و قد تواترت الأخبار بأن القرآن نقص منه كثير و سقط منه آيات لما تكتب، و بعضهم يحمل تلك الأخبار، على أن ما نقص و سقط كان تأويلا نزل مع التنزيل، و بعضهم على أنه وحي لا قرآن، و على كل حال فهو حجة في النص و تلك الأخبار متواترة من طريق العامة و الخاصة [I say: These narrations and their likes are evidence that the textual appointment of the Imams (as) in addition to their names (were present), and the narrations have reached mass...

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Muawiyah and Talbiya at Arafa