"He who treads the path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise."

Imamah wal-Nass – 13

Discussing Baqir’s household and how they dealt with Imamah, also the split of the Shia after al-Baqir’s...

`Abdul-Husayn’s 100 Shia Narrators in Sunni Books

`Abdul-Husayn’s 100 Shia Narrators in Sunni Books.     The author of al-Muraja’aat gives us a list of 100 narrators in the books of Sunni Hadith that he claims are Shia like himself. He then...

Murajaat Verses in favor of Ali

This episode examines the verses used by `Abdul-Husayn Sharaf-ul-Deen al-Musawi to prove the Imamate of `Ali, his merits, and the status of his...

Imamah wal-Nass – 12

In this part we continue looking at the ignorance of the companions and family of al-Baqir about the name and number of Imams and why this cannot be...

Issues of Ghaybah

This is a series of articles where we critique the Twelver Imami Shiite belief in the occultation of their 12th Imam. Part-1 Part-2 Part-3 Part-4 Part-5 Part-6 Part-7 Part-8 Part-9 Part-10 Part-11 Part-12...


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Imamah wal-Nass – 13