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The Prohibition of Mutah Marriages

The debate on the permissibility of mutah marriages has spanned through centuries. The very act of indulging in a temporary marriage has triggered a multitude of emotional reactions from Muslims and...

The Book of Virtues of Hazrat Abu Bakr

The Book of Virtues of Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) We have been asked to write a book for the purpose of introducing the English speaking Muslim community to the virtues and high status of the companion of...

Dua Kumayl is NOT Authentic

In the name of Allah – the Most Gracious, Most Merciful. “Dua Kumayl” is a trademark of the Shia sect and is so popular that it is perhaps the most recited supplication known by those that ascribe...

Abu Huraira – The Great Hadith Narrator

Abu Huraira: the Yemeni, the Dawsi (from the tribe of Daws), the companion, the jurist, and the ascetic. Abu Huraira’s name will be often tied to one of the above adjectives, but what rings most...

An In-Depth Study of Hadithul Thaqalayn

Hadithul Thaqalayn speaks of two heavy matters the messenger (saw) left us, it speaks of two big responsibilities he asked us to carry, one of them much bigger and much more important than the other; the book...

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The Prohibition of Mutah Marriages