"He who treads the path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise."

Murajaat Thaqalayn

This episode examines the Shia understanding of Hadith Al Thaqalayn....

Murajaat Fabrications

This episode examines the fabrications included in Musawi’s book and his quotations from very late...

Imamah wal-Nass – 10

In this part, we see more of the ignorance of `Ali bin Husayn’s family members concerning Imamah and we get into the age factor and how that affects...

Refuting al-Murajaat (Audio lectures)

m4s0n501 This is a series of lectures refuting the book of al-Muraja`at by `Abdul-Husayn Sharaf-ul-Deen al-Musawi.  -Thaqalayn lecture. -Fabrications...

Imamah wal-Nass – 9

In this part, we begin with `Ali bin al-Husayn’s...


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Murajaat Thaqalayn