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History of the Alawite revolutions contradicts Imamah

With the grace of Allah we have been recently looking into the history of the `Alawites and the relations between them and both their Umayyad and `Abbasite cousins. For the less informed readers, `Alawite is...

Imamah wal-Nass – 7

In this part, we continue showing the ignorance of the infallible ones concerning Imamah, then we move to show the ignorance of the companions concerning that same...

Imamah wal-Nass – 6

In this part, we continue showing examples of `Ali’s ignorance of Imamah, also we move on to al-Hasan’s ignorance regarding...

Imamah wal-Nass – 5

In this part we see more contradicting Shia narrations on Imamah, `Ali asking for martyrdom in battle while knowing that he is supposed to succeed the Prophet (saw), Also a lot of narrations on the Prophet...

Imamah wal-Nass – 4

In this part we begin to show how all those lovely sounding narrations will fall apart after a little common sense is applied. We start from where it all began with the birth of `Ali....


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History of the Alawite revolutions contradicts Imamah