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Response to “Concept of ahlubait regarding caliphate of sheikhain-2: sahih sunni chain”

The following is a response to Hasan Molai’s “Concept of ahlubait regarding caliphate of sheikhain-2: sahih sunni chain.” The article can be found on Slave of Ahlubait’s blog and the Wilayat website. The narration presented states that, “Abu Bakar was delivering khutba one day when came imam Hasan; so He said: Step down from my Father’s Pulpit; so Ali asws said I did not tell him.” The narration provided is weak because Urwa bin Al-Zubair was born after the death of Abu Bakr. So, the very title of the article is fraudulent. Ironically, even if the narration was authentic, it would be proof for Ahl Al-Sunnah and not against them, for it shows that Ali did not back up the statement of his son and did not resist Abu Bakr’s usurpation of the caliphate. On the contrary, he denied that he ever told his very own children that he was the rightful heir to the caliphate. For more on this topic, we suggest referring to this thread on our...

Response to: Illegality of Abubakr’s Caliphate

The following is a response to Guided’s “Illegality of Abubakr’s Caliphate”. The article was can be found on the Wilayat website. Guided argues: “A common lie by our Sunni brothers is that Abubakr led the prayers during the fatal illness of Allah’s Apostle (pbuh). We believe this to be a lie because the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said that only Imam Ali (as) was legally qualified to act in his stead. In other words, whenever the Holy Prophet (pbuh) is not physically available to perform any of his roles, either we wait for him to return or let Imam Ali (as) do it. NO ONE ELSE COULD ACT IN THE STEAD OF ALLAH’S APOSTLE.” There is a consensus amongst both Sunnis and Shias that the Prophet – peace be upon him – let others perform his role when he was not present. The most common cited evidence for this is that he and Ali would be out of Madinah during an expedition, so he would have Ibn Um Maktoom, Mohammad bin Maslamah, or someone else as his caliph in Madinah. Guided then quotes a narration to support his position: “Shaykh al-Albani records in his Kitab al-Sunnah, p. 550: Ali is from me and I am from him, and no one...

Response to Why Abubakr Attacked Fatima’s House – Ibn Taymiyyah

The following is a response to Guided’s “Why Abubakr Attacked Fatima’s House – Ibn Taymiyyah”. The article can be found on the Wilayat website. Guided quotes and translates Ibn Taymiyyah’s commentary on what happened between Abu Bakr and Fatima: “The reason for what is said that he (Abubakr) broke into the house (of Fatima) was to see if there was some thing of Allah’s money to distribute it or give it to those who deserved it.” Guided comments: “Ibn Taymiyyah here is attempting to defend why Abubakr broke into Fatima’s (as) house. The word he has used كبس means to forcefully break into something. This shows that Abubakr gave an order for his thugs to break the door into Fatima’s (as) house and search it. He levelled two grievous allegations against her: Fatima (as) was suspected of having stolen Allah’s (swt) money Fatima (as) was suspected of having illegal property in her possession!” The statement by Ibn Taymiyyah is taken out of context, since the previous paragraph he rejects the narration that suggests that Abu Bakr mistreated those that were with Fatima. He argues, “The incrimination cannot be accepted without an authentic chain and needs to be a clear evidence for incrimination, and if one of the two is...

Response to: Attack on house of bibi Fatima; from sunni sources

The following article is a response to Slave of Ahlubait’s “Attack on house of bibi fatima; from sunni sources”. The article can be found on the Wilayat website. Slave of Ahlubait, in the article, provides a narration that Abu Bakr intruded into the house of Fatima. The narration does not provide any information regarding any harm being done to those within the house, however, we cannot even accept that such an intrusion occurred. Ibn Taymiyyah points out that this accusation cannot be accepted unless if comes through an authentic chain, and we know for a fact that Abu Bakr did not cause any harm to Ali or Al-Zubair or Sa’ad bin Ubada. He then states that all that can be said is that Abu Bakr intruded into the house to check if there was any money that needed to be spent, though Ibn Taymiyyah is simply playing the devil’s advocate, since he rejects the narration in the first place. See Minhaj Al-Sunnah 8/290. Slave of Ahlubait is successful in providing a chain for the hadiths that he found in Kitab Al-Amwal by Ibn Zanjawaih. The chain is obviously weak due to the weakness of Ulwan bin Dawud, who was weakened by Al-Bukhari, Ibn Yunus, and Al-Uqaili. Refer to Mizan...

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Response to “Concept of ahlubait regarding caliphate of sheikhain-2: sahih sunni chain”