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Issues of Ghaybah [Part-10]

Peace be upon our nation and our Prophet, A man who did a considerable amount of damage to this great faith through his corruption and extremism, the leader of the Imamiyyah al-Shaykh al-Mufid, this man in a...

`Abdullah ibn Saba': The book

Peace be upon all of our readers, The opponents of truth and justice have written books trying to deny the existence of this man, this is our book in refutation of the opponents of truth and justice. DOWNLOAD...

`Ali bin Ahmad al-Kufi and Tahreef

al-Salamu `Aleykum, Who is `Ali bin Ahmad al-Kufi? He is a big Shia scholar in his time, from the progeny of their Imam al-Jawad, his full name being `Ali bin Ahmad bin Musa bin Muhammad bin `Ali bin Musa bin...

Al-Tabrasi author of al-Ihtijaj and Tahreef

First of all, we take the following quotes from the Shia books regarding the authority of this book called “al-Ihtijaj” which was authored by the Imami scholar abu Mansour Ahmad bin `Ali bin abi...

Al-Fayd al-Kashani and Tahreef

In this article I will discuss al-Fayd al-Kashani and his belief in Tahreef, I had seen that the Shia were debating this topic with some of Ahlul-Sunnah on their forum, and our popular Shi`ee brother Nader...


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Issues of Ghaybah [Part-10]