"He who treads the path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise."

Response to: Why Prophets were Sent?

In February 6th 2010, SoA posted his article here. In typical Shi’ee fashion, SoA quotes a narration in praise of Ali, regardless of how ridiculous or irrelevant the narration is: and ibn masood said that...

Authentic Shia Narration Declaring The Corruption of the Qur’an

p5rn7vb We often find Shias rejecting the existence of authentic and clear Shia reports that suggest that the Qur’an has been tampered with, so we provide the readers of our website with some narrations that...

Oral transmission: The declaration of hearing from the scholars

In continuation of our mini-series in our practical comparisons between Saheeh Al-Bukhari and Al-Kulayni’s Al-Kafi, we look at one of the finer points of Hadith science, specifically, Seeghat al-Sama` and...

Issues of Ghaybah [Part-8]

Peace be upon this nation and its Prophet, In this article we will return to the topic of the issues faced by the Shia scholars in their religion as a result of his Ghaybah, since the 12th Imam’s job...

The Teachers: Their reliability and variety

In the study of comparative religion, one returns to the source in order to study a respective sect’s view. The two main books, Saheeh Al-Bukhari and Al-Kulayni’s Al-Kafi have both received the highest form...

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Response to: Why Prophets were Sent?