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Dua Kumayl is NOT Authentic

In the name of Allah – the Most Gracious, Most Merciful. “Dua Kumayl” is a trademark of the Shia sect and is so popular that it is perhaps the most recited supplication known by those that ascribe...

Comments on Toyib’s Revised Edition of his Ibn Saba’ Book

m4s0n501 The following are comments on Toyib Olawuyi’s revised edition of his Ibn Saba’ book. His book is available to be downloaded here. The revised content is more or less entirely based upon our own...

Issues of Ghaybah [Part-12]

Peace be upon our nation and our Prophet, Since this is our twelfth piece in this blessed series, we decided to refute the myth of Ghaybah but not through our own words, rather this time it will be the Imami...

Issues of Ghaybah [Part-11]

Peace be upon our nation and our Prophet, The Imami scholars in our days are known for their bigotry, they do not give any importance to their followers nor do they give them much respect. The scholars of...

Sultan `Ali Shah and Tahreef

al-Salamu `Aleykum, Late Imami Shia scholars such as Majlisi, Jaza’iri & Noori believed in Tahreef as is known from their popular works and explicit statements. Today InshaAllah, we try to introduce...


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Dua Kumayl is NOT Authentic